Social Media

Social Media Integration $50 FourSquare Listing $100
Do you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. for your business? Well, why not get all of your accounts integrated onto your website? We provide seamless integration for all these social media accounts. On each webpage you’ll have social media buttons that’ll direct your customers to their own personal social media account. Your customers will then be able to automatically post that specific webpage or product that they just viewed. This means more exposure for your website and is basically free advertising. FourSquare is the latest social media application which allows your customer to interact with you online on their smartphone or computer. You as the business owner can track everything about your customer from what they’ve bought from you. You can also track when they visited, how many times they’ve visited, and which coupons they’ve used. The best thing of all about FourSquare is that your customer shares with the world on facebook on twitter that they’ve entered your store every time they’ve entered your place of business.
Blog Page Creation $100 Yelp Listing $100
What better way to get the word out about your website by blogging? Gain followers that follow your blog and keep coming back for more. Introduce new products, news, and giveaways on your blog. Own a restaurant? Yelp is the perfect place to list your business to gain more customers. Provide discounts for customers, and improve your restaurant by reading customer reviews and ratings. Without Yelp, it’ll be difficult for your restaurant to succeed in the digital age.
Google Integration $200 Facebook/Twitter Page Creation $150
We will list your business for you on Google Maps which will help potential customers find you easily through Google Search. We will also get your started with Google Ads, the world’s leading advertising campaign on the internet. Google Analytics will also be integrated with your website meaning that you can see how many users visit your website, where in the world they are exactly from, how long they are viewing your web page, and more! Custom Facebook/Twitter Page (it’s basically another website that is unique and unlike any other ordinary Facebook/Twitter page). Please inquire about Facebook Ad campaigns which precisely targets users based on demographics and preferences. Facebook/Twitter integration with your website is also included.